Reporters aka Your New Best Friends


As a PR professional, maintaining a working relationship with the media can make or break your campaign, if not your career. Our job is to spread the message of our clients, but who literally spreads the message? You’ve got it; the media does, through segments on the local news, feature stories in the newspaper, coverage of events, etc.

So the question is, how do PR pros maintain this relationship so that both achieve their end desire? The answer is simple: give the reporters what they want in a simple fashion. Reporters want access to interesting stories, so most likely, they’d be happy to work with you; however, they aren’t going to waste their time if you do not have your materials prepared.

A simple fix to this is to create/update an online news room on your organization or company’s website. This way, reporters will have instant access to anything they could possibly need to use in their stories, such as fact sheets, backgrounders, press releases, videos, high-resolution photos, etc. But word to the wise, make your online newsroom easy to navigate so that the media can find the items quickly.

For a great example of an online newsroom, check out Chick-fil-A’s. Not only does it have everything a typical online newsroom should have, the navigation is clearly organized and very user-friendly.

So the next time you send out a press release via email, be sure to provide the link to your online newsroom. The reporter may be surprised to find all of the materials you have to share.


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