The Beauty of Brochures


Regardless of this new day in age in technology for the public relations industry, brochures and other tangible products, such as hot cards, are still some of my favorite PR tactics. Sometimes I think that PR professionals are losing sight of the older foundations of PR, like handing out literature, because everyone is so caught up in social media and other online mediums. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm supporter of the new social media era, but I also think that it is still effective to physically promote your clients. Last summer at my internship at a small PR firm, whenever an order of brochures or hot cards was delivered, everyone was so excited to see the finished product. In a way, it was physical evidence of everyone’s hard work on a particular campaign, from the account manager to the graphic designer.

Another positive aspect of producing literature for a client is that it allows you to get the creative juices flowing, which is sometimes prohibited by the limitations of a strictly online campaign. However, it is important to design a brochure effectively in order to catch the eye of your target audience. No one wants to spend too much time reading a lot of content in a small space, but rather, they enjoy the pictures and creative elements of the brochure. In an article titled “The Essential Parts of a Public Relations Brochure,” several important elements of successful brochure are identified: the name and logo, the cover image, the mission and vision, the main body, current news and contact information. These components seem simple enough, but it is how all of them coincide with another that can make or break a brochure.

The above photo is an example of a brochure for a water company. Although a water company could potentially be viewed as boring to consumers, this eye-catching brochure justifies the effectiveness of a well-done brochure. The bright colors and large wording invite the readers to consume the information without overbearing them with useless filler content.

It’s important to remember that the “perfect” brochure won’t be the same for every client. However, it is essential that every PR brochure contains the components listed above and positively promotes your client. But the rest is up to you as as PR professional, and that is the beauty of brochures!


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