No Rest for the Weary


After allowing a full week of recovery for my brain (and trusty laptop!) after a grueling finals week and quarter, it’s time to get back in the swing of things. While my past summer breaks have consisted of road trips with friends, laying out by the pool and other mindless activities, I realize this summer is different. It’s my last summer before I am a college graduate and venture off into the real world. As an aspiring PR pro, this realization is somewhat nerve racking. In a cut-throat industry like public relations, every second of preparation matters, whether you are working for a client or preparing yourself for a job hunt. So this summer, instead of taking it easy, my goal is to prepare for my senior year and the ever-looming “real world.” Here are some items on my to-do list this summer:

– Update my online profiles: Nowadays, potential employers search for your online profiles, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, before even meeting you. It’s important to make a good first impression, even if that means having clean and professional social media accounts. These are also great platforms to show professionals your experiences and areas of expertise. Take advantage of these networking sites!

– Put together a portfolio: This has been on my to-do list for awhile now, and I’m looking forward to checking it off this summer. Potential PR employers will most likely ask for writing samples and it’s key to present them in a polished and well-put together fashion. Be sure to include all relevant samples from your classes and any internships. For some tips on putting together an impressive portfolio, check out this presentation.

– Get personal business cards: While this may seem like an “old-school” thing to do, no online platform will ever top the practicality of business cards. They are very convenient to hand out to potential employers at career fairs and other networking events. Check out Vistaprint to order FREE business cards!

These items along with others are what I hope to accomplish this summer in order to prepare for a very busy senior year. Also this summer, I plan to blog about valuable lessons I learn at my PR internship and other relevant topics in the industry.

Stay tuned for updates of the summer adventures of a young PR professional!


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