The Power of Prezi


One of the most valuable aspects of a summer internship is learning about the up-and-coming trends in the PR industry. And during my first three weeks at my internship, I’ve done just that. Not only was I first introduced to Prezi a mere three weeks ago, I’m now known as one of the “Prezi experts” around the office. Most of you may be thinking, “What the heck is Prezi?” This is not surprising seeing as I had never heard of it before either. But as aspiring PR pros and seasoned PR veterans alike, Prezi may change the way we present our messages, so it’s essential that we learn the value of this new tool.

Prezi’s tagline is “The Zooming Presentation Editor,” and it is just that. Did I also mention that it’s free to use? What I like to call a mix between PowerPoint and Photoshop, Prezi allows you to captivate your audience rather than clicking through yet another boring and mundane presentation. While Prezi still features all of the basic tools of PowerPoint, it goes one step further in its presentation mode, allowing you to twist and turn and rotate in displaying your content. And forget the hassle of embedding videos into your PowerPoint; with Prezi, you can simply copy and paste a YouTube URL or upload a video file.

As I’m writing this post, I’m finding it hard to explain the power of Prezi in words. The only way to justify the uniqueness of this application is to encourage everyone to explore the website for themselves. Create your own account, watch the tutorials and use the explore tab to view current Prezis for inspiration. And I promise, it’s not as hard as it may seem to master Prezi; in fact, it is very user-friendly.

Whether you are a college student who needs to create a presentation for a class assignment or a PR pro who needs to throw together a presentation for a client, use Prezi to wow your audience and leave a lasting impression. Next up on my Prezi list is to create a “Prezume.” Stay tuned for that and also, please feel free to post your feedback and thoughts on Prezi. I’d love to hear what y’all think!


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