The Beauty of Blogging


As cliché as this may sound, I’m blogging about blogging. Before I get boos and hisses from the cheering section, let me clarify. Since blogging is so different than other types of professional writing, it is a difficult skill for some students to grasp. But have no fear; your blogging angel is here!

As a PR student, blogs have become a staple in my daily routine. But like others, I used to struggle writing my blog posts. What should I write about? Why would other bloggers want to read my posts? What if my blog posts are boring? All of these questions plagued any attempt I made in drafting a blog post, until one day, the infamous light bulb clicked on in my head. The beauty of blogs is that if you are passionate about your content and posts, then others will enjoy reading what you have to say. This realization took away the stress of writing the “perfect blog post” and helped me find new inspiration for blogging.

These simple steps help me when I sit down to write a blog post:

  • Love it, write it – I find that it is much easier to write a blog post about a topic in which you are interested. Not only will you be happier as a writer, your readers will enjoy the passion you have for your content.
  • Add your own flair – Not only is it important for you to write about a topic that you’re interested in, it is just as important to incorporate your own perspective on the topic in your post. Develop your own writing style that is unique to your blog.
  • Keep it short and sweet – One of my favorite things about blogging is that it is so dissimilar from the typical college research paper. Take advantage of the lack-of-page-requirements and get your point across in a concise manner.
  • Share the love – Follow other blogs and bloggers regularly to learn what the trending topics are in your particular interest area. For my fellow PR students, my favorite is
  • Share links – Do you see what I did there? Not only is it important to cite your sources if necessary, it is also important to give your readers links to other blogs and news stories that are relatable to your post.
  • Layout love – Since blogs are usually read via a screen, it is important to write your posts in a reader-friendly format.
  • A picture’s worth a 1,000 words – To spice up your blog, find a photo that somehow relates to your content, and post it as well for a complete blog package.
  • Share the wealth – Once you have published your blog post, make sure you show off all of your hard work. Post a link to your blog on your Facebook and Twitter to encourage others to read it.

Well, did I succeed in my purpose for writing this blog? Did I write about something relevant to professional writing while still adding my own personal touch to the topic? You be the judge! Leave your comments below; I’d love to learn some other tips for successful blogging endeavors. And remember, no matter how difficult you may find this type of writing, keep calm and blog on.


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